3/21 Update: Large Sprite Crash Fix

Hey, everyone, this update has been a long time coming. While many of you have been able to run Jimmy without any problems, some computers experienced crashes when walking in front of things like signs or trees that would overlap the player when they were behind them, or they might have experienced the same crash from long play sessions. For people running the mkxp version, this crash would occur in the form of incredibly slow moving text. I'm happy to report that this crash should no longer occur, and as a nice side effect, the frame rate should be more consistent.

In order to fix this issue, I removed a problematic script and had to manually modify and test a lot of objects like trees/statues/etc. Most of the graphics will still appear to be the same, but there are a few minor changes here and there that keen players will notice--nothing big. Because the changes were so widespread, though, you might run into a minor graphical glitch here or there, and, if you do, please let me know, and I'll address them in a future update.

I apologize for this update taking so long, and thanks for playing!

Additionally, I made a few small changes/bug fixes listed below:

-Information Guy television added in Temple of Inward-Looking Eye to remind you that you can save anywhere.
-When first visiting the Iron Flamingo, terminal screens you've visited will now be black instead of blue to show that you've already accessed them.
-Encounter glitch during bridge events in the dungeon next to Jimmy's house is now fixed.
-Opening the transformation ring while exiting Unbreakable Bridge will no longer softlock the game.

Edit: 4/1 Stealth Update:
-The benign error message that comes up after closing the game sometimes will no longer come up.
-Switching to Jimmy in the middle of a boss fight will no longer cause him to walk in place after the fight.

Edit: 4/15 Bonus Stealth Update:

-Juggernaut now works correctly on the Rotting Jack o'Lantern.

-Fixed a few graphical oversights.
-Can no longer counter with Taser or Bee Stinger; weapons that can't counter now indicate so in their descriptions.
-Afternoon Nap no longer heals Lars when you have immunodeficiency.

4/22 Double Bonus Super Stealth Update:
-No more floating ramparts in Legato.
-The wall in the Room of Happiness no longer overlaps the player's sprite
-The fence in Central Stamen will no longer transform into strange things when you interact with the middle of it.


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Mar 22, 2019
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Mar 22, 2019
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.zip 244 MB
Mar 22, 2019

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Is there a standalone patch file that can be downloaded? Or will I need to re download the whole game to update?

You need to redownload the game.

Aw darn. Oh well, thanks for the reply.