10/11 Improved Economy, New Manual, Bug Fixes

I've just updated the game files; many of these changes are fixing issues that players either generally won't run into or won't notice, but I do want to draw your attention to the first two changes.  Consumable item prices are a lot cheaper now, and there's a new manual in Shinryu that's worth checking out.  Thanks to all the people who've found Jimmy and been spreading the word.  I know that Jimmy hasn't been viral or anything, but everyday I've been elated with the general reception it's been getting.  Anyway, here's the list of changes:

-Consumable item costs are now much more reasonable (about halved starting with the latter half of the second continent).
-Added new manual only available in Shinryu for $5,000: Adrenaline Shot.  It's an instant 10% revive that costs 35 mp and has a six-turn cooldown.
-Balanced Equation is now actually a balanced equation (I think).  Give me a break, it's been a long time since chemistry.
-Leaving the hotel in Calm Valley prior to talking to Lars will no longer result in a mysterious duplicate Lars outside.
-Roughhouse now costs $3,500.
-Mecha Super Balls now do 1,000% luck-based damage.  They also don't work with Andrew's Analysis skill, and this is reflected in their new description.
-There should no longer be any random encounters after finishing nightmare locations (until you reenter the dungeon).
-In Dark Dungeon, the game will no longer freeze when canceling out of panning the screen on a few specific locked spaces.
-The boss of a certain school will now only do a regular attack or regular magic attack for the first turn of the fight.
-The terminal status effect should now consistently work as intended.
-Joker's instadeath now works on Jimmy.
-Aurora Temple should be significantly less wonky.
-The game should no longer lock up for some people just getting to the Iron Flamingo.
-Added a small bit of dialogue before the scrolls in Secret Meridian that addresses a narrative inconsistency.
-Various typos and other small things have been addressed.


Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Legacy Version.zip 244 MB
Oct 11, 2018
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Mac.zip 258 MB
Oct 11, 2018
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.zip 244 MB
Oct 11, 2018

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Hello! I just bought this game after seeing thevoiceofdog stream it (and being really impressed by it, good job!) and couldn't help but notice that you seem to have packed an almost 50 MB debug log (gobj.txt) in the game files. That seems unnecessary, you can probably just delete that from the distribution and save on some disk space and bandwidth.

Oh, thanks!  I'll make sure to take that out in future updates.