New Update: More Fullscreen Options

Hey, itch!  This is the update I just pushed through on Steam.  It's actually not as major of an update over here as the version went up with a newer build, but I wanted to keep this up to date as well.   The biggest change is that you can now hit F5 and F6 to toggle between different fullscreen modes.  These look better than the standard alt+enter mode, but, if you prefer that, it's still available.  I've also fixed a few minor bugs and balancing issues that have popped up.  I'm in full-alert mode right now, so if you run into any bugs, please let me know.  Thanks for playing Jimmy!


Jimmy and the Pulsating 237 MB
Aug 09, 2018

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Just downloaded and played a bit, been looking forward to this for a while! Any chance of getting dpad support in the game? Just joypad is working for movement atm.


Hey, thanks for checking it out!  Unfortunately the lack of d-pad support on some controllers is a quirk of RPG Maker.   However, if you're cool with running Joy2Key, you just have to set up the d-pad as the arrow keys.