8/15 Update

It's been a good week since Jimmy released; I hope you're all enjoying it! I've updated the game again. This update is mainly focusing on bug fixes, but I've made a few quality of life improvements and balancing changes.

One change that I want to highlight is that saving is no longer going to be allowed in Jimmy's house at the very beginning of the game and in the club in Mute Notes during the story segment there. This is to prevent an issue that comes up when I update the game where you can get stuck (in the case of Mute Notes) or you can leave early (in the case of Jimmy's house.  So, if you have a save file in one of those places, make sure to exit those areas and save before updating.  Anyway, here's the full list of changes (well, mostly, I may have forgotten a few):

-Changing furniture in the clubhouse is now separated into categories, meaning you won't have to navigate a ridiculously large list later in the game.
-The torch in the cave in the Path of Enlightenment will no longer morph into something else when leaving the room.
-The front door to your house opens before the screen fades out now.
-The boss of Shinryu Academy has a little less attack and its mooks have less hp.
-Losing to the No-Goodnick and Catty Schoolgirl in Shinryu Academy will no longer result in a blackscreen upon returning.
-Teleporting out of the Rainbow Park hedgemaze race will remove the onscreen timer.
-Green indicator will no longer remain on screen if you use a teleportation item.
-Jamming on different buttons after a green indicator will no longer soft lock the game.
-Jumping across the clouds in the bottom right of Cloudy Hill now works as intended.
-Saves are disabled upon first entering Jimmy's house and beginning the scenario in the Wharf Dog so that updates won't cause conflicts in those locations.
-The airship graphic will no longer switch to the default rpg maker graphic (this only affected some players).
-There is now a five frame buffer when interacting with the statues in the temple in Eastern King's March.
-The final toybox space in The Ultimate Construction is now registering correctly.
-Timothy will accept the tiny muffin in Legato now.
-The wings of the statue at the end of a secret cavern are no longer clipped.
-You can no longer roll the dice after dying in Dark Dungeon.
-Greep now has an additional attack so he can't sleep you in an infinite loop.
-You can no longer check the mirrors in Ashby's when your transformation ring is open.
-After the credits, the game will now open the save menu.
-The fish will now not be in a weird position in Northern King's March after visiting the temple.
-Dying on the second boss monster you fight in Giant Garden is now working as intended.
-The Legs of the Ancient Giant and Accelerated Dynamics now have accurate treasure counts. However, if your save file has opened treasures in the World's Library, your treasure count for the Legs of the Ancient Giant will remain incorrect.
-Talking to Information-Guy-eating-a-banana will no longer change his graphic. But, he no longer opens his mouth to chomp down :(
-You can no longer open the menu for a brief moment after losing a battle.
-Intimidating Stare now works when fighting the Support System team in the arena.
-The mirrors in Ashby's can no longer be interacted with when opening the transformation ring.
-In the second arena rank, the angry status effect will no longer be applied to the entire party--it'll just be applied to Jimmy.
-Fixed various typos.


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Aug 15, 2018

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