8/28 Bug Fixes

I went ahead and updated Jimmy.  These are mainly bug fixes, but I've made a few balancing changes too.  In the future, I'm planning on adding a difficulty selector, so look forward to that!

Here's a list of all the changes in the current version:

-You no longer phase through part of the bridge in the Periodicals section of the World's Library.
-The hedgemaze race is now very slightly easier.
-Dying during "Mr. Beaver's Ultimate Pit Fighting Championship" now works as intended.
-Ludwig's dialogue investigation into the Abandoned Cineplex will now actually point you to the lightbulb instead of to a secret toybox.
-Descriptions for percentage-increasing equipment all follow the same standard.
-You can no longer use clean getaway on any of the fights while breaking through Turnbuckle's barricade.
-The statues in the temple in Northern King's March will now consistently reset to their default position upon reentering the temple.
-You can no longer glitch a green exclamation mark above your head when running into a teleportation circle.
-If you've already gotten a lightbulb at a location, Inspector Ludwig will no longer be able to search that location. However, he'll only be able to recognize the lightbulbs that you've gotten after this update. If you find every lightbulb before he opens his door, he'll open the door for you; this will work on any save file. -Green exclamation encounters will now disappear when you jump off of raised platforms, meaning you will no longer be able to get into a midair encounter.
-You can no longer counter with weapons that supply buffs or heals rather than attacks.
-Golden King will now give you the appropriate amount of money if you haven't gotten all the ruby chests in the dungeon.
-You should no longer be able to open up the transformation menu when walking onto the space that triggers Grimclaw.
-Andrew should consistently appear in the cut scene at the end of the World's Library.
-Mental Clarity can no longer be used outside of battle.
-You can no longer open the menu or transformation ring if you have a green exclamation point above your head as the bird.
-Killing or startling an enemy who has mind controlled you will now remove the mind control.
-When a certain boss reaches low health and no longer has windups, he might also yowl in pain, effectively giving you a free turn.
-Enemies in King's March are now slightly weaker.
-The Squirm on the meteorite in the middle of the ocean will now give you an eradicator ray if he doesn't detect any more anomalies.
-The character portraits in Tetsuya Kawaii should no longer remain on screen for some players.
-You can no longer trigger an additional encounter by jamming the confirm button after a battle that's been triggered by letting a green exclamation point sit on the screen too long.
-Spring-Loaded Shades now make counter stance affect everyone as intended.
-Killing a boss who is accompanied by Brain Bats will now also kill the Brain Bats.
-The GECE is way less resource intensive now; crashes there should be virtually nonexistant.
-Hyde Toxin now has a more accurate description.
-Canceling the elevator in Tetsuya Kawaii and then hitting the confirm key will not make the elevator doors open and close anymore.
-Super Slap now acts as a physical attack as intended
-Encyclopedia Set now gives 300 ATK instead of 350; it also no longer gives a MAT boost.
-Light Prism now increases MAT by 150 instead of 110.
-Chainsaw now increases ATK by 125 instead of 110.
-Necronomicon now increases MAT by 165 instead of 150.


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Aug 29, 2018

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