11/1 Update

Hey, it's November, so I thought I'd update the game to address all of the minor issues that have cropped up since the last update.  Some of these are bugs and some are quality of life issues.  Thanks for playing Jimmy!

-Analysis skill description is now clearer.
-Sacrifice now works as intended.
-File size cleaned up a bit.
-"Ghosts" in Rainbow Park are no longer interactable.  They also remain transparent after leaving a building.
-Marvelous Cannon now functions as intended.
-The mysterious vending machine that sometimes hovers over the entrance of the Iron Flamingo is no more.
-Ms. Robin's Shop in Ashby's is back to selling the appropriate items upon first getting there.
-Reverting to Jimmy when you enter a battle as a flying monster will no longer cause Jimmy to walk in place after the fight.
-If you use Psyche on the Totem in Heart Prison, it will now properly cancel its mind control.
-Instant death attacks should now consistently work on Jimmy; they also can no longer be defended through by guarding.
-Spring-Loaded Shades now give counter stance the appropriate cooldown.
-The receptionist in the credits will no longer magically change.
-Using the Marvelous Teleporter when it's raining will not make it rain on Mr. Marvelous anymore.  He's been through enough.
-Followers will no longer reset the turn when they summon a new creature.
-The "Power of Positivity" puzzle in the World's Library now makes its intent clearer.
-The animation for Soul Sparks will now just play once for the entire party.
-Added a line that bissects the puzzle in a certain blue cave that makes the intent a little clearer.
-Fixed various typos.


Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Legacy Version.zip 243 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Mac.zip 258 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.zip 244 MB
Nov 01, 2018

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