9/18 Bug Fixes

I just pushed out a new update that addresses some bugs.  Most of these are fairly minor, but the big thing to note is that battle music should now loop appropriately in the mkxp version.  Here's a full list of changes:

-Pressing the confirm button on the door in Central Hub will no longer prevent you from transforming.
-You can no longer push the skull through the door frame in Heart Prison.
-Checking the fountain in the last level from behind will no longer make it swap graphics with the shop.
-Battle music now loops properly in mkxp version.
-The statues in King's March East will no longer change shape when you jam on the confirm button.
-Group attack weapons will now work properly when you have juggernaut equipped.
-Leaving the house at the end of the game will work as intended regardless of form.
-After getting the second-to-last transformation, you won't be in a walking animation if you were originally transformed as the Pumpkin.
-While the large sprite fix crash isn't 100% solved, you should no longer get those crashes at shops/banks at least, which seems to be the most common place for them.
-While the solution to the Planet Andrew puzzle is the same, you now have to mirror the lefthand side instead of just copying it directly.
-You can no longer cause a certain form to lock into a punching stance by constantly punching and jamming on the confirm key while in front of an npc.
-Teleporting while outside of the World's Library will no longer set you to the world map sprite while keeping you in place.
-When a certain recurring boss releases pent-up energy after absorbing it, that energy will now damage him if reflected.
-Fixed various typos.

Super Stealth 9/28 Update:

-Slamming on the ground with the bear and then talking to the statues in Kung Fu Tower will no longer make your sprite freak out.
-The low-level goon at the entrance to the Petty Thugs' hideout won't morph into Mr. Grouse when you try to enter the right door.
-After getting dropped into prison in the Mad Queen's castle, if you go back to the courtyard and return, Caterpillar won't resend you to the dungeon anymore.
-The boss of Dark Dungeon now plays the appropriate music.
-You can no longer get into random encounters immediately after beating Ebeezil.
-A certain boss that can pull you under water now works as intended.


Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Legacy Version.zip 244 MB
Sep 18, 2018
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Mac.zip 258 MB
Sep 18, 2018
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.zip 244 MB
Sep 18, 2018

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