1/4/19 Update: Happy New Year!

I'd like to take a moment off the top to thank everyone who's played Jimmy.  I've seen it here and there on players' top ten lists for 2018, and Jimmy's been getting a super positive response in general.  Hopefully, 2019 will be a good year for Jimmy as it continues to slowly build its player base through word of mouth.  I think that a lot of people have been able to connect with it, or, at the very least, just think it's fun enough to share, and that's been really rewarding as a developer.

Anyway, this is a pretty small update, but I've been sitting on it a while, so I wanted to get it out there.  The most important thing is that I've added a toggleable mini map when you're piloting your spaceship.  Now no one--including me--will get lost flying around in circles trying to remember where the hell they need to go.  Also note that the Eternal Optimism Badge might work on the first turn now, so good luck cheesing things with it.

I imagine this is the last update I'll make for a while, assuming no major bugs pop up.  I still very much want to address the large sprite fix crash, though, so if I come across a solution to that, then I'll make sure to update.  Anyway, here's a full list of changes:

-Added a mini map that pops up whenever you fly around in your space ship.  You can toggle it by pressing the A button (or whatever button you've rebound your field action button to).
-You can now steal knowledge about Lumpagon and Boring Lecture from Bookworms.
-Failing an escape now reads "They were unable to escape" rather than "It was unable to escape."
-The mystery of the duplicating spaceship has been solved.
-Using a field action or bringing up the transformation ring on the same frame of a random encounter will no longer softlock the game.
-Corrected a couple of passability issues in Heart Prison.
-Moves with self-inflicted damage won't carry over to the next fight.
-Eternal Optimism Badge can now trigger its effect at the start of the fight.
-Fixed various small things/typos.

Edit: I just fixed a bug that softlocks the game whenever you go to the world map prior to reaching a certain point in the story.  It should be addressed now, but if you happened to download the update today, you should redownload it.

Edit 2: Just patched the game file again. This should fix two graphical glitches: one in which some locations on the world map will overlap your parked spaceship in a weird way and one in which if you held down the button to toggle your mini map while landing and holding a directional button it would duplicate your spaceship.


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Jan 04, 2019
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Jan 04, 2019
Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.zip 243 MB
Jan 04, 2019

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