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um im kinda new but how do i save? I went to the save menu but every time i try to save it wont let me



I've played perhaps every single indie rpg that takes influence from the mother series, and this is by and large the best one I have ever played. You should be very proud, and I hope this game is selling well, because it absolutely deserves it. 


Thanks so much!  The Mother series has influenced a lot of cool games, so that means a lot!

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The game's been excellent so far, but I figured I should report that I found a minor mapping glitch in Legato Castle concerning the corner wall top tiles.

EDIT: It seems to happen on the opposite side too.


Thanks!  A couple of these things slipped by because I saved over a spritesheet on accident with an older version of it after I testplayed those areas.  I'm going to do a quick run through soon--probably today--and update. 

Anybody else having problems with the game not running? Since the latest update it never loads past a black screen and jsut closes after a few seconds.

Oh no!  What version are you using?

The non-legacy for windows. I've had a similar issue with another game on the same engine. The legacy version seems to work fine, but when I close that version, I get a sprite error message.  
"Script 'test' line 5: NameError occured. 

undefined method 'set_upper_sprite' for class 'Sprite_Character'

I'm aware of the error message--it's totally harmless and will be addressed in the next update.  I was just putting it out there before I patched it in case other bugs came up.  So, are you thinking that your computer just has some issues running RPG Maker games through mkxp? 

Its possible? I've had the same issue with another mkxp game.


Highly recommend this game, the amount of content put into it is unreal. The thought and effort goes beyond what one would expect in an RPG Maker game, but it just goes to show that you shouldn't judge something by the engine it's made in. As a developer in the engine myself, the things that HousekeepingGames has accomplished with this title in RPG Maker are really admirable. Definitely stands up there with any of the great RPGs like Earthbound and Final Fantasy. Get out your wallets and pick Jimmy up, it's well worth the price.


Darn it, now I'm hungry.

Hey, do i get a Steam key if I buy from here? The game seems amazing, I'm looking forward to play it!

You don't get a Steam Key; you can just directly download it from Itch.  If you want to play it on Steam, just buy it on Steam.


Thank you!

Dropping in to wish you an early Merry ChristMASS! (I'm not sorry)  Also, thanks for helping keep good game design alive with Jimmy and the PMass. This was one of the most emotional games I've ever played (in a good way!).

Hey, thanks so much!  Merry Christmass to you, too!



Is there a demo?

There is an older demo here: 
I should probably update that at some point, but the game functions basically the same (it's just a little harder and a little buggier in the demo).


Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to respond and hear bugs are a great source of protein anyway. :)

I'm excited to play this! Would you be willing to provide a linux version, too?


That's something that might be on the horizon.  There are a few outstanding issues with the mkxp version, which is what I would use to run it on Linux, so I'd like to smooth those out first.

Hello, it's been a while! Do you have any plans to release on Linux?

Thanks for your great work. :)


I currently don't have plans to release on Linux.  That still might change in the future--basically if Jimmy gets popular enough to justify the work for porting it.

Too bad, but I understand. I bought it anyway as it works well in Wine. I'm really enjoying it so far.


Hey, awesome!  Glad you found a workaround!


Great to see this here!  Downloading the game right now. 

It might take me some time to get on a windows machine to properle play it, tho. 

Still, I'm super excited. 

This looks so cool, very excited to play!


Loving the game so far. I'm about 2 hours in. I love how the melodies are all over the place, and the whole imagination/empathy shtick is a good one. Definitely belongs in the pantheon of quality Earthbound-inspired RPGs from what I've played.


Thanks--glad you're enjoying it!